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Massage Therapy

Pricing varies by location

LUXE Unlimited Salon and Spa offers massage therapy services in a serene spa treatment room. All of our massage therapy services are performed by licensed Massage Therapists who are able to evaluate and treat each client based on client concerns, treatment preferences, age, and medical history.


• Reduce muscle aches, headache, swelling, and joint stiffness 

• Aids in muscle recovery

• Decreases feelings of depression and/or anxiety 

• Improved circulation 

• Helps to improve quality of sleep  

• Aids with digestion 

• Boosts immunity

• Relaxation and stress relief 


• Your massage therapist will review your medical history and current concerns before beginning your treatment. 

• Your massage therapist will ask your preferences before and throughout your treatment to ensure your comfort level. 

• Massage services can be performed while the client is lying down on the adjustable treatment bed or while sitting in a chair depending on your needs. Our massage therapists can also accommodate clients who are wheelchair bound.

• Massage therapy services can be performed fully clothed or with the spa gown or robe provided by your therapist.

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